Divorce Options        

Lengthy and costly litigation is no longer the only option. When the
right circumstances exist, you should explore those way to complete
a divorce. What sets our approach apart from most law firms is we
will also work with you
before litigation starts to discuss your case
and explore your pre-litigation options.  

                          Pre-litigation options include:

Where the issues are not complex and the parties are
cooperative, a settlement often can be directly negotiated between
them with our office drafting the terms of a Martial Settlement
Agreement (and Joint Parenting Agreement when requested). Use
checklist to help cover most of the issues in a settled case.

Mediation. The parties can hire a mediator to confidentially discuss
their respective rights and obligations and suggest a resolution.
Mediators are often former judges and other highly experienced
family law attorneys. They are able to give each spouse fairly good
idea of what to expect if the matter is litigated without taking sides.
Click for a list of currently approved Will County Mediators (note:
subject to change)

Collaborative Divorces. This is where both parties retain an
attorney to negotiate an agreement before a divorce is filed. This
works best for parties with very complex financial arrangements and
business interests and a desire to keep divorce terms confidential.
Often the attorneys jointly hire accountants, business evaluators and
other experts to assist with sorting through and valuing assets.

In all of the above approaches, the firm's time is primarily dedicated
to reaching an equitable settlement and then guiding the case quickly
through the courts to completion - usually in 45-60 days. Keep in mind
one attorney cannot represent both parties. If the spouse without
an attorney needs advice, he or she should consider Mediation, a
Collaborative Divorce or seek another attorney's review of the drafted
settlement documents.
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