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     Parenting Classes Required in Will County

In every paternity case and every divorce case where there are
minor children, the court will require BOTH parents to go to a
parenting classes. This is done through a course at the University
of St. Francis. We have a link
here to online registration and
information. Some points to remember:

  • The current cost if $90.00
  • There are locations throughout the county
  • The class last 4 hours
  • You can register online but must attend in person
  • Give yourself at least a month to register and complete the
    class before your final court date
  • You must bring the certificate of completion to the final court
    date or have it filed well before the final court date

NOTE: If one of the spouses fail to complete the class then the
court is likely to either refuse to complete the case or refuse
visitation to the parent that failed to have the certificate.

If one of the spouses lives outside of Illinois, you MIGHT be able
to get advance permission from the judge to complete the course

If the youngest child is 17, you MIGHT be able to be excused from
parenting class if you get advance permission from the judge.
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