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When the right circumstances exist, the parties jointly can hire a
mediator to confidentially meet and discuss their respective rights
and obligations. Mediation is also court-ordered in many cases
regarding visitation or custody issues. If there is enough
cooperation between the parties at the mediation, a resolution can
be worked out that is acceptable to both parents. That resolution
can then be the basis for an agreed case.

For agreed cases, while we can only represent one party, our
office can then be hired to draft agreement worked out at mediation
and process the paperwork to a final judgement dissolving the
marriage. Our experience is that spouses that have an agreed or
uncontested divorce generally have less problems after the divorce
and with less stress on the children. Spouses that have long, highly
contested cases generally continue to fight even after the divorce.
These are divorces that never end.

Mediators are experienced family law attorneys and sometimes
former judges with decades of experience. The best mediators
usually have over 15 years of courtroom experience and are able
to give each spouse fairly good idea of what to expect if the matter
is litigated.

Once you have a good idea of what a likely court result would be,
an agreed case becomes possible. Again, while we only work
directly with one spouse, the process can be completed with the
use of a single attorney in many instances and in far less time and
for far less costs than traditional litigation.

There are
local rules of court controlling mediation and there is a
list of Court Approved Mediators can be accessed
here. NOTE:
local rules and the list of approved mediators are subject to change
at any time. Consult an attorney before relying on any of the
information in this website.
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